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We hold ongoing webinars and online events, while activities on our campus are focussed on research and direct experience, with regular workshops and retreats depending on the pandemic situation.
All our events are held in English and Italian.
French, German, Russian and Spanish are often partially employed in our programmes, and can be fully used on request. Multilingualism is a typical feature of our courses, since we believe it helps to move beyond the conditioning caused by a single ordinary language and culture.
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We hold regular retreats and workshops at Casale in Lunigiana, our campus and community in Northern Tuscany (Villafranca in Lunigiana, Massa, Italy), surrounded by vast woods, brooks and falls, by the Apuan Alps and the Appenine, on the Via Francigena. The space is open for guests both for short and long-term staying, group and individual retreats.

Casale in Lunigiana, 15-16; 17-19 July 2023, Soul Retrieval and Multidimensional First Aid, with Franco Santoro, click here.

Casale in Lunigiana, 5-6; 7-9 August 2023, Multidimensional Interspiritual Healing Retreat, with Franco Santoro, click here.

Casale in Lunigiana, 12-16 August 2023, Celebrate Life.

Casale in Lunigiana, 8-10 September 2023, Multidimensional Sensuality: The Astroshamanic Way of Virgo

Casale in  Lunigiana, three further events to be scheduled from October to December 2023, including a New Year Retreat (please contact us for details)

WEBINARS (in English/Italian)

(via Skype) A Multidimensional Journey from Duality into Unity – The Astroshamanic Binary System, click here (every Tuesday, 19-20:30 CET, all year round)

We have many pre-recorded online courses on various topics, please contact us for details.




Since we are a charity/cultural association, all participants to our events are required to be enrolled member, and fill an application form at (the English version can be found by clicking the language options).  The cost of membership is Euro 10 per year.

Every month we hold a two-day online workshop on seasonal topics.

If you wish to organize an event or workshop anywhere in the world, or for any information, please contact us.

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